A web.py Python Shell for Webalizer

Provides a web interface for the Webalizer log analyzer. The code is very simple; less than 100 lines for the main program.
The interface allows a user to upload a log file, and receive an archive containing the Webalizer output in return.
The source code here is distributed under an MIT License.



It is assumed that you have a web server that will serve Python output from scripts in /var/www. If not, see here.
Substitute '/var/www' if your web directory is different.

Build Webalizer according to the instructions here, outside of your web root, like /usr/local/bin/webalizer.

Extract the GeoDB database into the Webalizer directory (e.g. /usr/local/bin/webalizer).

Place a webalizer.conf file somewhere, such as /etc/webalizer, then at least uncomment/edit a line to:
GeoDBDatabase /usr/local/bin/webalizer/GeoDB.dat

Extract web.py into /var/www/web (or a directory called 'web' below the python front end scripts).

Extract the Python shell (source below) into var/www and edit the following lines in webalizer.py to the actual path of these items:

Test it in your browser by uploading an acceptable log file. If everything works on the first try; you are doing well. Have fun!


Current version 0.5: webalizer_fe-0.5.tar.gz


Updated: 17th of July 2015
Copyright © 2015 James Northway