dblpDT: a dblp Desktop Tool in Java

The dblp computer science bibliography is an online database of over 3 million written works in the realms of computer science, electrical engineering and mathematics.
dblpDT is a highly portable Java desktop application that maintains local bibliographic database files from records retrieved from the dblp computer science bibliography.
It provides search, retrieval and alteration of dblp records, as well as export of records to BibTeX and HTML.
Both the original author search XML API and the new complete search are supported.

dblpDT uses the SAX parser and native SQLite implementations to maximize speed and minimise memory usage.
It is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


dblpDT Screenshot 1: Main UI  dblpDT Screenshot 2: Author Search  dblpDT Screenshot 3: Record Editor  dblpDT Screenshot 4: User Guide and BibTeX



Just extract the JAR from the downloaded zip file and run it.


Build 774 (29th of August 2015): dblpDT-774.zip

License Notice


Build 774 (29th of August 2015): dblpDT-src-774.zip

License Notice

Updated: 30th of August 2015
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